This is one of the things we do best

Unapologetically badass old school miniatures!
Savage and intense miniatures games!
No holds barred action filled comics!

Genres Created

Genres mainly consist of Fantasy, Kung Fu, and Lucha Libre.
All sorts of product will be available soon.


Currently working on several fantasy lines a, from grimdark to gonzo fantasy.

Kung Fu

The kung fu miniature line has been established. Now expanding into wuxia.

Lucha Pulp

A blend of lucha heroes with the bizarre stories of mysterious adventures.

Social Media links

These are the different social media for Atomico Press.

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Art Works

Our Team

Atomico has tag teamed with the Savage Goblin King
to bring awesome bizarre creations to life.


Creator of bizarre & fantastical works

Atomico is a an old school artist that is creating awesome miniatures, comics and games that strangle hold your attention!

Goblin King

Narrator of Fantasy Tales

Goblin King was summoned to narrate and host of Atomico Press fantasy related content. Who better than the Goblin king!